Dryades Hotel, Pelion

Agios Lavrentios, Pelion

Dryades Hotel - Gastronomy

Dryades Hotel boasts a family-run restaurant featuring local delicacies made from local ingredients. A tastefully decorated room with a burning fireplace creating a cosy atmosphere perfect for a romantic meal. The amazing panoramic view of Pagasitikos Gulf will compensate even the most demanding visitors. But above all, Dryades is renowned for its cuisine; try some of our carefully prepared local dishes over a glass of wine or tsipouro.

A visit to "Dryads Geuseis" restaurant will give its visitors the opportunity to experience inspired cuisine, delicious local delicacies, Mediterranean dishes, healthy snacks, and fusion specialties. Along with a selection of fine local wines, champagne and refined service you can enjoy a unique experience in an elegant and warm environment that offers the most spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and the waters of Pagasitikos bay. Look for the warmth of the fireplace and enjoy caramelized knucklebones, Bubaris calf with brown agriogourouno (wild boar) stews jugs with various meats and herbs .... all with mama's techniques and recipes.

The cafe-bar with décor based on wood and natural stone to the most beautiful winter tonnes, is the ideal place to relax at the end of the day with a drink or cocktail in combination with the imposing front of the fireplace thea. Relax, enjoy the company of friends, playing games, travel to another world, read your favorite book in our comfortable sofas.