Dryades Hotel, Pelion

Agios Lavrentios, Pelion

Dryades Hotel - Area Info

Dryades complex is located in the picturesque village of Agios Lavrentios, Pelion, just 21 km from the city of Volos at an altitude of 600m. Perched on a mountainside of Mount Pelion, the village, still untouched by time, can be said to be a prime example of the traditional Pelion architecture with quaint stone houses, water fountains and cobblestone streets. A traditional village coming out of a fairy tale, a place of pristine natural beauty with mountain streams flowing through a chestnut tree forest and a superb view of the sea blending harmoniously with the mountain landscape...

Agios Lavrentios: History & Sights

The village has a very rich religious history since in the years to follow, when Greece was still under Turkish occupation (1686), a young man coming from Agios Lavrentios was tortured to death in Constantinople. Agios Apostolos was decapitated and his head was thrown into a boat which later arrived in Agria, a small seaside town very close to his birthplace. After being canonized, a lot of miracles are attributed to him and on the 16th of August a lot of pilgrims come to visit the church of St Apostolos. Other places of religious interest are the churches of St Dimitrios just below the village square and the church of St Athanasios above the parking area. Well worth a visit is also the chapel of Panagia Souravlou situated in a dense chestnut forest within walking distance of the village. This quaint little church takes its name from the Greek word “souravli” which is a wind instrument made from chestnut twigs.